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This General Terms (further “GT”) stipulate the terms and conditions for booking and use of WN Lab Hotel (“the Hotel”) rooms and facilities.  Upon entering our website and making an inquiry and/or requesting a reservation you agree to be bound by and to comply with these GT.  

WN Lab Hotel offers hotel rooms and apartments for long-term stays (from 30 days onwards).  This GT shall apply to long-term stays unless explicitly stated otherwise.  In case of contradiction between these GT and a booking offer for long-term stay, the latter shall prevail.  

Long-term accommodation includes:  

Use of a hotel room/apartment;   

Free use of working desk;  

Free wi-fi;  

Free use of gym;  

Free use of underground parking upon availability;  

Laundry/dry cleaning (subject to additional charges);  

Room service (subject to additional charges);  

Use of communal kitchens;  

Use coworking space;  

Access and use of rooftop and restaurant;  

Airport pick-up/shuttle (subject to additional charges).  


Above services and fare coverage may be subject to change by the Hotel or to specific commercial terms/packages/special prices applicable to particular reservations.  Services included in room charges and any additionally charged services shall be envisaged in the respective booking offer or contract confirmed/executed between the Parties.  In the absence of any such specific terms set out in the booking confirmation/lease contract the terms envisaged herein above shall apply. 



Each long-stay unit is intended for temporary occupation by a maximum of two persons. Prior to arrival, the guest notifies the Hotel whether the long-stay unit will be occupied by one or two persons. If it appears that more persons are staying in the unit, the guest will immediately and without prior notice owe a fixed compensation of 30% of the total amount of the Monthly Fee. 


The Guest undertakes to use the long-term stay accommodation for the intended purpose during the entire duration. The purpose of the property may not be changed under any circumstances. Establishing the main residence in the rented unit is therefore expressly forbidden. 

If the Guest is a company, it is also expressly forbidden to establish the registered office at the address of WN LAB Hotel. Any (direct or indirect) cost or damage resulting from a breach of this article will immediately and without notice of default be recovered from the tenant. 



The minimum duration for a long-term stay accommodation is 30 days and can only be entered into on a per month basis. No exceptions to the minimum duration are permitted. An extension of the minimum period is possible by notification 72hours before date of departure of the long-term stay.  

After the initial minimum period the long term stay extension can be extended without a requirement of 30days minimum period. The Guest can flexibly indicate the number of days he/she would like extend upon the condition the extended period will be pre-paid immediately and non-refundable.  


Check in is permitted on the first day of the stay from 2.00 pm onwards. In the event of an earlier arrival, WN LAB Hotel cannot guarantee the availability of the long-term stay accommodation. 

Check out must take place before 2.00 pm on the last day of the stay. In the event of late check out, a fee of EUR 30.00 for maximum 4 hours will be charged. Four hours after the scheduled check-out time, a full night’s stay will be charged. 



In principle, each long-term stay ends automatically after the initial minimum period, without any prior notice of termination being required. 

The WN LAB Hotel has the right to terminate the long-term stay period unilaterally and with immediate effect, when the guest or any other user of the guest’s room are in breach of these General Terms and Conditions. The WN LAB Hotel will information the Guest in writing.  

The WN LAB Hotel has the right to terminate the long-term stay with a written 10 (ten) working days’ notice to the Guest, for which the latter will be reimbursed with the amount in proportion to the days of actual use of the accommodation.  

The Guest has the right to terminate unilaterally the long-term stay period at any given time. However, it’s important to note that all long-term stay accommodation requires a non-refundable prepayment.  



A booking confirmation does not automatically guarantee accommodation in a particular room. Guaranteed accommodation/booking is available upon Guest’s providing a valid credit card number guaranteeing payment for the booked room covering the whole term of the reservation.  

A guaranteed booking may be cancelled or changed free of charge by the Guest not later than 24 hours before arrival date (date of arrival is considered to start at 12 pm of the respective day of arrival). Changes to guaranteed reservations are subject to availability and different booking terms which might be applied by the Hotel. In case of early cancellation, the Guest is advised to keep its cancellation confirmation in order to prove eligibility to free cancellation.  

In case of a cancellation within 24hours prior to arrival date or in case of a no-show on the day of arrival, the Hotel shall retain the room price for the wholly booked period. To reinforce the obvious, for non-refundable bookings the Hotel shall retain the room price for the wholly booked period  

Reservations made through external channels (other than WN Lab Hotel website) shall be subject to booking and cancellation rules applied by WN LAB Hotel rules applied by the external booking provider and the Hotel shall be bound by any such rules and conditions. 



The WN LAB Hotel unilaterally allocates a long-stay accommodation no later than at check in. The Guests cannot object to this allocation unless it does not correspond with the room type (igloo or yurt). 

The WN LAB Hotel reserves the right to allocate another long-stay unit to the Guest for operational reasons, prior to the commencement or during the term of the long-term stay. The Guest cannot oppose this, nor can they demand any compensation for it. 



At check in one activated mobile key per person will be given.  



The long-stay unit should be returned by the Guest in the condition it was in upon check in. Compensation fees for damage, defects or any other irregularity attributable to the Guest will be charged separately. The WN LAB Hotel reserves the right to require, upon its discretion, authorization of a higher deposit, or immediate payment of the damages.  If no such deposit/payment is provided by the Guest the accommodation contract is cancelled.  

All material damages incurred during the stay of the Guest, if not settled upon check-out, are to be charged to the credit card of the Guest against the deposit at the check-in, or if discovered later – within the term of the deposit envisaged above.  Damages exceeding the amount of the deposit shall be charged to the credit card of the Guest and in case the latter objects the liability for such damages the amount shall be blocked until the settlement of the case. 

Upon check-out, the Guest shall remove all his/her personal belongings when checking out of the unit. All items left by the Guest, will be removed by WN LAB Hotel.  



The prices applicable are those specified in the booking offer confirmed by the Guest. The applicable prices are overall gross prices and contain all statutory taxes (including VAT).    

Gross rates include tourist charges which currently are BGN 0.56 per guest per night.   

In the case of amendments of taxes, fees or charges, or an effective introduction of new taxes, fees and charges unknown to the parties at the time of the booking, the Hotel retains the right to adjust the prices accordingly.   

Room prices may be changed unilaterally by the Hotel only in the case the period between contractual conclusion (booking confirmation) and contractual adjustment is more than two months.   

Additional surcharges on top of the room rate and tourist tax shall be charged for additional services used by the guest in accordance with price list published by the Hotel on its website  and/or available in the rooms and the premises.  

The full sum of accommodation charges for refundable and non-refundable rates are payable either 72hours (about 3 days) in advance or upon reservation but in any case, not later than at the check-in. In case the guest provided a credit card with incorrect details or insufficient funds during the reservation, the booking cannot be guaranteed. The Hotel or the partnering online booking platforms will notify the guest to rectify the situation. The Hotel has the right to refuse the guest to check-in when the latter has not paid his/her accommodation charges in advance or failed to provide a valid credit card with sufficient funds.  

Payment for use additional services are made immediately and/or upon check-out.  

The Hotel does not accept cash payments. Valid means of payment are EC card, Master Card, Visa Card or Debit Card.   

WN Lab hotel also gives the opportunity to accept payments directly from PayPal/Stripe or similar platforms. 

The Guests can request an invoice for their stay. As per the local legislation, the Hotel can issue such an invoice up to 5 (five) days afterthe issuance of the cash receipt of the Guest’s stay. The Guest shall provide the full invoicing details by email. Billing details include the company’s name, company type, registered office address and VAT number. If these billing details are not provided in good time, the Hotel cannot longer, according to the law, issue the invoice for the Guest.



Included in the long-term stay accommodation is a weekly cleaning and bedlinen change. For an additional cleaning request, a surcharge of €35 will apply and payable immediately. 

Additional a cleaning surcharge of €40/month per pet or €10/week per pet will apply when the Guest has a pet staying in her/his room. The surcharge is payable upon check-in and immediately in case of extension after the minimum period. 



In addition to what is included in the price, the WN LAB HOTEL offers a number of additional services, including breakfast, event and meeting rooms, for a fee. 



The Guests may bring in the Hotel their pets subject to informing the WN LAB Hotel in the booking inquiry. We welcome only cats and dogs in the hotel and up to maximum of 25kg per pet.  As per article 11, the WN LAB Hotel reserves the right to charge for pets additional fares which shall be included in the booking offer sent to the Guest in response to her/his booking request. 



Apart from the outdoor small terraces on 11th and 12th floor, smoking is prohibited throughout the building, in the communal areas as well as in the rooms. This prohibition also applies to electronic cigarettes. The use of fire or candles in the rooms and residential units as well as in the communal areas is also strictly forbidden. It is generally forbidden to bring flammable, explosive or hazardous liquids or products into the premises. 

If you are caught smoking, using fire of candles or manipulating smoke detectors or inappropriately using fire extinguishers, compensation of 100 EUR will be charged immediately. This is also an infringement of the House Rules, on the grounds of which WN LAB Hotel in accordance with the General Conditions can unilaterally terminate the rental agreement with the Guest. 



The resale/re-rental and/or transfer of booked rooms by the Guest is not permitted. The assignment of use of booked rooms or sale of any claim against the Hotel is also not permitted. The WN LAB Hotel is in these cases entitled to cancel the booking.   

Use of the hotel room for any purpose other than overnight accommodation is expressly forbidden. 



Hotel rooms and other premises and facilities should be used without causing any damage or changing the premises (including but not limited to affixing any objects on the walls, windows or floors, painting, scratching or otherwise damaging the surface of the walls or furniture etc).    

As a condition for use of Hotel accommodation and facilities/services our Guests shall not use such premises/services for any purpose that is illegal or prohibited or which may damage or impair the Hotel, its staff and other Guests and visitors.    

Communal kitchens use (when available) is subject to these GT as well as other rules and conditions displayed in the premises of the communal kitchens. 



WN Lab Hotel assumes no responsibility for any unsaved valuables left in the room, public areas of the Hotel or car.  

Upon making a reservation the Guest agrees that the Hotel could take a deposit of EUR 100 for coverage of any damages caused, the latter shall be authorized and blocked on the Guest’s credit card.  The amount shall be blocked for the term of the stay of the guest at the Hotel plus three days.  Upon extending her/his stay at the hotel the Guest agrees that the deposit shall be authorised for additional term covering her/his extended stay plus three days.  In case the deposit may not be authorized on Guest’s credit card and no other credit card is provided within 24 hours, the booking/accommodation contract is cancelled.  The Hotel shall not accept cash deposits.  

If, during the stay of a Guest damages exceeding the amount of the deposit are discovered by Hotel staff, The Hotel bears no responsibility of damages occurred during the stay of the guest of their car or personal belongings.   

To the extent permitted by law, the Hotel provides the services “as is” and hereby disclaim regarding services any warranties and conditions, explicit or implied, including but to limited to any warranties or duties as to merchantability, fitness for particular purpose, use, results or lack of negligence.  Further, the Hotel, its directors and staff shall not be liable for any indirect and consequential loss or damage, including loss of profit, loss of confidential or other information, business interruption, personal injury loss of privacy, failure to meet any duty arising out of or in any way related to the participation or inability to participate in or use the services, of provision of or failure to provide the services, or otherwise under or in connection with any agreement for use the Hotel services.   

Should there be disruptions or defects in the services of the Hotel, it shall, upon becoming aware of these or in the case of immediate complaint by the Guest, make every effort to rectify these. The Guest is obliged to take all reasonable measures to assist the Hotel in resolving the disruption and keeping damage to a minimum. The Guest is also obliged to inform the Hotel in good time of the possibility that unusually extensive damage could be incurred. Notwithstanding the damages that may be incurred, including indirect or consequential damages addressed above, the total liability of WN, its managers and staff shall not exceed the actual loss suffered up to EUR 1 000 or the amount of the charged room/service fees, whichever is higher. 



The WN LAB Hotel has the right to access the long-stay unit at all times in case of urgent necessity, as well as for security reasons or if there is a well-founded suspicion that the Guest is carrying out illegal practices or acts contrary to the General Terms and Conditions and the House Rules. 



In case of force majeure, the WN LAB Hotel has the right to suspend performance of the logn-term stay, without the Guest being able to claim any compensation from the Landlord for this. 

Force majeure includes, but is not limited to: strikes, fire, government actions, threat of terrorism, storm, flooding or water damage, general malfunctions of electricity, water, gas or the internet. 



WN LAB hotel shall use, store and process your personal data collected for the purpose of using its services in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and its Personal Data Policy available at .  

Any services provided to our visitors and guests as well as their presence at the Hotel premises and the building (including the gym, communal kitchens and other common space) shall be subject to these GT and other rules and conditions that may be applicable to specific services and/or data protection policies available at  The Hotel reserves the right to update these GT at any time and shall make the updated GT/other similar rules and conditions through its website/platform. 



The WN LAB Hotel has drawn up House Rules containing rules and guidelines to ensure the peaceful enjoyment of every Guest. The House Rules form an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions. By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, the Guest agrees to the House Rules and undertakes to respect the rules contained therein and to behave with due and proper care. 

WN LAB Hotel reserves the right to limit access to certain meeting rooms outside business days’ working hours. This could include but is not limited to access to the Wormhole meeting room during weekends and after 8pm on weekdays.



OUR crew members team drew up a number of house rules to ensure that your stay and that of other guests runs a smooth course. We thank you for reading these rules attentively and thoroughly. For further information or enquiries, you may address our employees at reception. 



By confirming your reservation, you explicitly accept the House Rules and commit to comply with them and act with due diligence. 



Reception is open every day and our employees are at your disposal and will answer your questions and concerns as soon as possible. 



We ask you to always treat your fellow guests as well as our employees with the required respect. Intimidation or violence is not tolerated. 



Peaceful enjoyment in the daytime and a good night’s rest for all guests is a priority. 

You have free access to the communal areas on the premises, including the coworking, fitness, restaurant and rooftop terrace. We highly encourage to use the facilities present in the communal areas. These facilities are, as it were, an extension of your private accommodation and serve as a meeting place for you and other guests. 

We ask you to take into account a number of specific rules for each area to enable guests to use the communal areas as optimally and pleasantly as possible. The rules of usage are separately and clearly displayed in each area. These rules are part of the present House Rules and you and your guests have to meet them at all times. In any case, we thank you for always leaving the communal areas clean and tidy.  

To prevent noise in the communal areas and nuisance in the rooms and residential units occupied by the other guests, access to the rooftop terrace and restaurant is prohibited after 10:00 pm. Gatherings and music organised by tenants or hotel guests in the communal areas after 11:00 pm are also not allowed. 



The required fire routes, fire exits, and fire escapes are provided in the building. 

Please do not leave any items behind near fire routes, fire exits and fire escapes. These emergency exits must be always free and fully accessible. Moreover, using emergency exits without there being an emergency is strictly forbidden. 

If explicitly stated, fire and emergency doors always remain closed. 

For blocking fire routes, fire exits and fire escapes or using the emergency exit without there being an emergency, compensation of 150.00 EUR will be charged immediately. This is also an infringement of the House Rules, on the grounds of which WN LAB Hotel in accordance with the General Conditions can unilaterally terminate the rental agreement with the Guest. 



Apart from the outdoor small terraces on 11th and 12th floor, smoking is prohibited throughout the building, in the communal areas as well as in the rooms. This prohibition also applies to electronic cigarettes. The use of fire or candles in the rooms and residential units as well as in the communal areas is also strictly forbidden. It is generally forbidden to bring flammable, explosive or hazardous liquids or products into the premises. 

If you are caught smoking, using fire of candles or manipulating smoke detectors or inappropriately using fire extinguishers, compensation of 100 EUR will be charged immediately. This is also an infringement of the House Rules, on the grounds of which WN LAB Hotel in accordance with the General Conditions can unilaterally terminate the rental agreement with the Guest. 



Bringing illegal substances, drugs and weapons into the premises is strictly forbidden and will give Guest the right in accordance with the General Conditions to immediately terminate unilaterally the rental agreement with the Guest. In addition, the competent authorities will be notified. 



During your stay you can use the Community Wi-Fi network. Since the Wi-Fi network is accessible for all guests and visitors, we recommend you to install an antivirus program and firewall on all your devices. 

It is strictly forbidden to visit pornographic or illegal websites, to infringe on intellectual property rights, or to disseminate confidential or sensitive information. In general, obviously any punishable offence is unacceptable. 

To guarantee the quality of the Wi-Fi network it is not permitted to use or install private networks or routers. 

WN LAB hotel does anything required to guarantee the operation of and access to the Wi-Fi network at all times. However, (temporary) unavailability, due to technical or other disruptions, cannot be excluded. Use of the Wi-Fi network occurs on your own responsibility. WN LAB Hotel is not liable for damage, loss or costs resulting from any unavailability of the Wi-Fi network. 



Always carefully check that you have left nothing behind on leaving your room or when checking out,. Moreover, we request you emphatically not to not leave any valuable items. 



The liability policy of WN LAB Hotel is extensively described in the General Terms & Conditions. 



WN LAB Hotel offers a number of services. Depending on the service these are provided free of charge or charged to the user. 

Rules of usage and instructions for use are displayed in the communal areas in which particular services are offered. These rules are part of the present House Rules and you and your guests have to comply with them at all times. 

Are included in the accommodation rate: 


WN LAB HOTEL offer 24/7 access to coworking space. From Monday until Friday between 9am-6pm normal business hours are guaranteed. During those hours, Guests should be able to work in silence. In case of continuous breach by the guest, the WN LAB Hotel has the right to deny the guest access to the coworking space. More information on the specific terms and conditions, please find  

Coffee, tea and water 

In the coworking, WN LAB Hotel offers coffee, tea and water free of charge. These drinks have to be consumed in the coworking space. You cannot take them to the accommodation rooms or outside the premises. 

Communal kitchens 

The kitchens are accessible 24/7 for our long-term stay guests. Everyone is required to clean up after themselves and either wash their own dishes or put them in the dishwasher. In case of continuous breach by the guest, a penalty of 100EUROS will be payable. 

Other kitchen rules are displayed on premise. 


Guests may use a printer provided at reception level. The number of pages that can be printed may be limited whenever abuse of the service is observed.  

Fitness room 

The fitness room is at the disposal of the guests 24/7. 

The entering of the fitness room and the use of the gym equipment takes place under the responsibility of the user of the gym. WN LAB Hotel cannot be held liable for any physical or material damage. 

Camera surveillance is present in the fitness room. Theft or damage will be charged to the user responsible. 

Garbage room 

There is a waste room accessible to Long-term stay guests. In this room there are containers for non-recyclable waste, glass, cardboard, plastics and bottles, tins and drinking cartons. 

The guests is personally responsible for managing and sorting his/her waste, s/he will personally take it to the garbage room at regular times. 

Washing machines  

 Any Long-term stay guest can use the washing/dryer machines in the communal kitchen, free of charge. 

The Guest needs to use the washing machines while respecting the cycles and not leaving their clothes in the machine more than 30min after their cycle is finished. Like this the usage for other guests is guaranteed. In case of continuous breach by the guest, a penalty of 100EUROS will be payable. 

You have to use the washing machines and dryer correctly, WN LAB Hotel is not liable for damage to clothing as a result of incorrect use of the washing machine or the use of inappropriate washing products. 

Any breakdown has to be reported immediately. Damages caused by abnormal use will be charged to the user.