Outlive the future




Sustainable Lifestyle

The greener
the better!

In the WorkNomads Universe, we walk the talk when it
comes to our environment and keeping the
universe dust free.

Sustainability is always taken under consideration when making design decisions for the WN LAB Hotel.

What we have done, you may ask?

Stickers that encourage guests to
use less electricity and water

Sustainability events to promote
a more environmentally friendly
way of living

Refurbished, recycled and
upcycled the furniture. On average
there are 30 items reused
and recycled per room.

T-shirts for staff with
statements we believe in

Real plants only!

The paintings inside the
rooms are also upcycled

Top-down &

This is the very beginning of our mission to save our planet! Our universe is part of many more initiatives to help
reduce the environmental footprint.

You can check out our
ESG policy for more information