Outlive the future



28.9.2023    7:00pm    WN Hut
Feeling bored this Thursday night?

We have prepared some fun board games to try out and get to know each other. Join us on the 12th floor and let’s see who is the most competitive of us all!

And let’s not forget about happy hour 😉

We will be waiting for you 🙂

Weekly Events

Every Tuesday    6:00pm    Event Horizon

Every Tuesday we have a guest yoga guru Neli who will take care of our mental and physical wellbeing and help us balance out the (co)working and the (co)living. Don’t be worried about finding a mat cause we have some.

Every Thursday    6:00pm – 8:00pm    WN Hut

Let go of the work thoughts and enjoy a nice cocktail with the rest of the members and sometimes the WN Team. And NO, one drink is not enough, so at that time you get two when you order one. So yes, that’s right 2 cocktails for the price of one. That’s what happy hour is for.

Explore what we
aspire and promote

The events that we host aim to enrich and improve
towards greatness, success, culture and fun


( don’t worry tho we might bring them back)

Afterwork Picnic

Meet & Greet with the Coliving/Coworking

Sports with the coliving & coworking

A wind of green innovation for a sustainable future

Pyjama day at the Coworking

Painting eggs the local traditional way

Bowling with the LAB
AMAI! Madammen Workshop
Women in Art
Karaoke night with coliving & friends
Fuck up dates

Movie night with the coliving & coworking

Board Game Night

Eat & Greet with the coliving members

WN Hotel Lab Grand Opening

Sustainable Charity
Christmas Decorations

Official opening of the coworking space

Sustainability the new way of
doing business