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Lab Hotel

The Best choice for LGBTI+
travelers in Bulgaria

for Sofia Pride on 17th of June


Welcome to our
LGBTI+ friendly hotel

Inclusivity, warmth, and unparalleled hospitality await you. We pride ourselves on creating a safe and welcoming space for all travelers, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.


Escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary! Experience the magic of our LGBTI+ inclusive accommodations, all under the same roof. Choose from a variety of room types and sizes, each designed to make you feel at home. 

At WN LAB Hotel, we celebrate individuality and diversity. Our unique accommodations, including Teepees, Igloos, and Yurts, offer a welcoming space for all LGBTI+ travelers to feel comfortable and at ease. 



Breakfast, coworking & parking, a special LGBTI+ basket, a free cocktail at our WN Hut Bar and a transfer on Pride Day from the Hotel to the venue of the Pride festival


including breakfast,coworking,
parking & rainbow package



per night

It’s private. It’s colourful. Our Teepee room comes with all the essential components for a productive and enjoyable stay. A room that is bathed in sunlight, with a work desk, private bathroom, closet, kettle and comfy pillows to dream away.


including breakfast,coworking,
parking & rainbow package



per night

Yes, it’s bigger and cooler! Recycled artwork hanging on the walls, work desk, kettle, private bathroom and let’s not forget the amazing more than you can store closet space!


including breakfast,coworking,
parking & rainbow package



per night

Oh My! Can it get more spacious than this? Each of our rooms offer a 5-star bedding, comfortable work desk, coffee machine, large fridge and lounge chairs with a huge closet space.

The room is drenched in natural light and offers mountain and city views.



No single
person surcharges



XXXL En suite

Host shares
gay local tips

payments only


Welcome to Studentski Grad or Student City, a vibrant
and diverse neighborhood in Sofia!

This lively area brings together everything you desire within close proximity. From shops, local markets, and pharmacies to clubs and pubs, it embraces the spirit of diversity and acceptance.

Want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city? Just pop out to the park in front of the WN LAB and have a chill afternoon in nature enjoying breathtaking views of Vitosha Mountain. 

Located just 7km from the city center, Studentski Grad is well-connected. Metro stations and two regular bus lines, such as number 94 and 280, conveniently connect the neighborhood to the city center, passing through neighboring quarters. Additionally, a wide range of route taxis are available for easy transportation.

LGBTI+ friendly

facilities such as a restaurant, spa, fitness center, and event spaces:

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  - Restaurants

  - Bars

  - SPA

Why book with WN LAB Hotel ?

As an LGBTI+ company founded and run by LGBTI+ individuals, we make sure to give back to our community a percentage of every booking we receive. In this way, we support LGBTI+ organizations, like GLAS foundation, Bilitis, Deystvie.

Through our donations, we aim to contribute to the advancement, empowerment, and well-being of the LGBTI+ community in the country. This is our commitment towards a more inclusive and accepting society for LGBTI+ people in Bulgaria.

In Bulgaria, the state doesn’t recognize gay marriages, and only heterosexual couples receive two additional paid days off for a wedding. However, diversity is one of our core values, and that’s why all our employees receive those two extra paid days as part of our internal policy. ️ All staff members can provide inclusive and respectful service to LGBTQ+ guests, including using correct pronouns, avoiding assumptions about gender and sexual orientation, and responding appropriately to any incidents of discrimination or harassment.

You’re making a change!

When guests book through our website using the promo code WNPRIDE, they will receive a 10% discount on their stay. Furthermore, 5% of each rainbow booking we receive, is donated to support LGBTI+ organizations such as the GLAS Foundation, Bilitis, and Deystvie.

Book a room and enjoy
being yourself

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Svetlozar Dimitrov

Community Manager & Host