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to Sofia, Bulgaria

The city that grows
but does not age !

WorkNomads LAB Hotel is situated in Student city
(Studentski Grad) in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Place overall


This neighborhood is just 10min away with the subway from the city center. And another 15min walk through the beautiful park in front of the building to reach the subway.

There are several bus stops just in front of the LAB as well.

Setting aside the transportation details, the area surrounding the WN LAB Hotel is full of life and can satisfy all your cravings – restaurants, shops, clubs and nature. It’s all there. 

And don’t even worry about your savings because one of the best qualities Bulgaria has, is that is it affordable.  

Let’s move and go to the center. The must see places every newcomer should have a look at are the National Palace of Culture (NDK), Aleksandar Nevski Cathedral and have a stroll on Vitoshka street. This street is filled with restaurants and shops, and it overlooks Vitosha Mountain (amazing for Instagram photos).

Talking about Vitosha Mountain, if you are visiting during winter, you will have the chance to ski/ snowboard there. Let us know if you are interested! 

Of course, you can find these things easily if you google Sofia. For the secret gems, you have to lend us an ear to whisper it to you!  

Let’s have a little road trip to surrounding cities. Beautiful cities to visit that are 1h – 1h and 30min away are: 

  • Plovdiv
  • Rila 
  • Lukovit 
  • Eco Path Iskar – Panega 
  • Village Chavdar 
  • Path of Health in Bankia 

We can go into details about everything surrounding Sofia but let’s not take up more of your time: 



4 in 1

Start the new year with scrapping the at least 4 destinations of that bucket list! Our multi destinations pass gives you the freedom and flexibility to visit Bali, Colombia, Thailand and Bulgaria all for the same price!

40€ per night,
per room

For 30 nights pass

35€ per night,
per room

For 60 nights pass

30€ per night,
per room

For 90 nights pass

Book a meeting with our team
and hear all the juicy details.

In Details

What do we include?

Fully furnished rooms that come in 3 different sizes – Teepee, Igloo and Yurt

24/7 access to the coworking
space on the 11th floor   

A rooftop terrace overlooking the city and mountain Vitosha 

Free access to a parking space  

2 communal kitchens on
4th and 6th floor with laundry units  

A restaurant on the 12th floor for
all day cravings

Free Wi-Fi 

Access to the gym because we
encourage living a healthy lifestyle 

Workshops and hosting trips created by the WN team
to entertain newcomers and get to know everyone 

This is not all!

As this is the WorkNomads Headquarters, we have quite a lot of people from our team waiting to help with anything you might need. Even if it’s a small request like finding a restaurant or helping with a list of places you just need to visit during your stay. 

What is not included

  • Flight tickets are not included in the price  

What to bring?

As the destination deal for Bulgaria is all year round. So have in mind that in summer the weather can get quite hot and in winter really cold, really fast. Climate 4 Seasons: lowest in winter -5 C / 23 F, highest in the summer 35 C / 95 F.

Prior to departure

Before you arrive at your desired destination you will be given the contact information of our team members on site. They will be there to help you with the airline shuttle and settling in as smoothly as possible. 

Ready for an adventure?

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