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to Pattaya, Thailand

Do you hate the cold and want to enjoy some sun ?

Don’t be fooled – there is nothing boring about this place.  

Place overall


The city is full of life, culture, and people from all over the world and here is your chance to experience it.

Don’t be shy – take the leap!

If you haven’t figured it out yet, Pattaya offers amazing beaches but let’s not only focus on this detail.  

We will be direct and start with the first attraction that got us hooked – Nong Nooch Tropical Garden , just 20min away by car and on the way, you can stop at Colombia Pictures Aquaverse if you are a fan of movie theme parks. 

And let’s not forget Thailand’s’ most famous floating markets, and there the Pattaya Floating Market just 5min away with a car or a 40min long walk exploring the area.  
Other attractions to see in Pattaya include:  



4 in 1

Start the new year with scrapping the at least 4 destinations of that bucket list! Our multi destinations pass gives you the freedom and flexibility to visit Bali, Colombia, Thailand and Bulgaria all for the same price!

40€ per night,
per room

For 30 nights pass

35€ per night,
per room

For 60 nights pass

30€ per night,
per room

For 90 nights pass

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In Details

What do we include?

Fully furnished private studio room with ensuite bathroom and shower to have some alone time if needed 

Access to the gym because we encourage living a healthy lifestyle  

Access to the pool area to
swim away any worries  

Free Wi-Fi 

24 h security  


What is not included

  • Flight tickets are not included in the price
  • There isn’t a coworking space on site but there is a desk in every room provided.
  • On this location there won’t be a member of our team

What to bring?

As the destination deal for Thailand is all year round, the weather can fluctuate a lot. This is the weather forecast we can advise on: Climate all year round can go from low 23 C / 74 F, to high 38 C / 87 F, September & October are the rainy season months.

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