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Discover Bulgaria with Dance in Sofia

Embark on a unique cultural workshop that takes you deep into the heart of Bulgarian traditions and history. Led by knowledgeable guides, this immersive experience offers an opportunity to learn traditional Bulgarian dances, explore cultural rituals, and gain insights into the nation’s rich folklore. From the vibrant costumes to the rhythmic melodies, each step in this workshop connects you to the soul of Bulgaria, leaving you with memories and newfound appreciation for its heritage.



Communist Walking Tour

Uncover the hidden stories and iconic landmarks of Sofia’s communist past on this captivating walking tour. Led by expert guides, you’ll navigate the city streets and delve into the historical context of Bulgaria’s communist era. From the imposing architecture to the remnants of socialist propaganda, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the country’s complex history. Engaging narratives and personal anecdotes will transport you back in time, allowing you to see the city through the eyes of those who lived through this transformative period.


Sofia Pub Crawl Tour of The Hidden Unique Bars

Embark on a nocturnal adventure through Sofia’s vibrant nightlife scene on a pub crawl tour. Led by local guides, you’ll venture into hidden gems, unique bars, and trendy hotspots that embody the city’s lively spirit. Connect with fellow travelers and locals alike as you sample a variety of drinks, soak in the energetic atmosphere, and create unforgettable memories. From quirky themed bars to underground venues, this tour promises an evening filled with laughter, good company, and a taste of Sofia’s vibrant nightlife.



Vitosha Mountain

Just a short distance from Sofia lies the breathtaking Vitosha Mountain, a natural oasis that beckons to adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts alike. In the summer, embark on invigorating hikes through lush forests, discover hidden waterfalls, and marvel at panoramic vistas that stretch as far as the eye can see.

During winter, the mountain transforms into a snowy wonderland, where winter sports enthusiasts can indulge in thrilling skiing and snowboarding adventures. Vitosha Mountain offers a playground of outdoor activities, from trekking and mountain biking to paragliding and rock climbing. As you ascend its slopes, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views of the city below, the tranquil beauty of nature, and a sense of freedom that only the mountains can provide. Whether you seek adrenaline-pumping excitement or a serene retreat in nature, Vitosha Mountain is a must-visit destination that promises unforgettable experiences.